A weekend in Boston’s North End

It’s almost the 4th of July and I can’t help but think of the celebrations that take place in Boston, Massachusetts this time of year.  For almost two years my job took me to Boston and I loved every minute of living in the city and being surrounded by history.  Boston is absolutely beautiful in the summer and the North End is my favorite place to be.

The North End

Old North Church

Boston’s little Italy is close to my heart and it’s full of history and amazing food.  Right on the harbor and in central Boston, it has winding streets and all the Italian food you could possibly dream of .  Although known for it’s wonderful Italian restaurants and bakeries, its filled with history.   Through the neighborhood you can follow the freedom trail which is a red line on the sidewalk that you can follow to several revolutionary war sites throughout the city of Boston.  Stops in the North End include Paul Revere’s house and the Old North Church

Paul Revere’s house has been restored into a museum and an excellent way to see housing during the Revolutionary war along with understanding more about Paul Revere.

The church was made famous for signaling British troop arrival  of “one if by land and two if by sea” during the battle of Lexington and Concord.  It’s a beautiful church and during the 4th of July they offer special programs as part of colonial fest.

North end Map

Favorite North End Restaurants and Bakeries

I could write two pages on all the wonderful restaurants and bakeries around the North End but I’ll give a few of my favorites.



Website: http://www.dinosnorthendboston.com/home.html

The best in pasta and sandwiches, I frequented this place often! It’s family owned and I always felt welcomed.  Although not much dining space it’s great for people watching and sharing a delicious meal with friends and family.  My favorite items on the menu were  cheese ravioli with pink crème sauce and the Lady sandwich.


Website: http://beneventosboston.com/

Although Hanover is the primary North End street, my favorite restaurants were on Salem street.  Benevento’s has my favorite pizza (BLT). It’s perfect for summer but to be honest I would enjoy it year round.


On Hanover street there are two well known bakeries that are right across the street from each other and during the summer will have lines out the door onto the street. Mikes and Modern Pastry sell all sorts of pastries and baked goods but join the crowds and enjoy a Cannoli.  Originating in Sicily, a Cannoli is a pastry filed with Ricotta.  Mikes and Modern will offer a selection of cannoli’s that could be topped with chocolate or other sweet treats.

Insider tip? In Modern Pastry definitely queue up in a line and wait to be served. At Mike’s it’s more of a free for all, so get inside make eye contact with someone in the shop and you’ll get served.  It may feel a little rude but it’s customary so grab the cannoli’s and continue strolling around the North End.  My favorite place to stop and rest is the Rose Kennedy Greenway.  It offers benches and tables along with some green space and fountains. You’ll get a great city view and some excellent people watching.


Have you explored the North End? What are your favorite areas?



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