My favorite city

I love cities.  I love the noise and hustle bustle.  I love all the options for food and shopping. I love discovering new neighborhoods and wandering around aimlessly.  I admit today I feel like I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere…I’m tired of driving to get to anywhere and miss the convenience of public transportation and walking to where I need to be.


So today I want to chat about my favorite city.  My number one city will always be London.  I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to 5 different continents but my heart is always in London.

Why London?


London’s current motto is “London is open” and it’s so true.  As you discover London you’ll find every ethnicity and people group offering their own taste of home.  It’s amazing to see so much diversity and cultures combining into one great city.



From beautiful green spaces and gardens to architecture, London is a photographers paradise.  From hidden parks and tourist sites it’s incredibly difficult to not take pictures of what I see.  From the old city to the Victorian age and the recent modern sky scrapers, London has it all.  It’s my favorite activity to walk around the city and soak up all the beauty around me.


South Kensington

Although it’s standing room only during rush hour or busy times, the London underground is my favorite way for discovering different neighborhoods and getting from point A to B.  The stations themselves have so much character with tiles and the tallest escalators I’ve ever seen.  With the occasional street musician to serenade you on the way to your destination it’s always an experience.

newbury park

To be honest, I’m probably romanticizing this a little bit.  The underground can be incredibly crowded and sometimes the tube strikes lead you scrambling for where to go.  It’s a true test of patience but I enjoy nothing more then taking the train to my next destination.

I could write about London for hours but I’ll stop here! What’s your favorite city? What makes it your favorite?



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