My Favorite way to see a City…

I love exploring  cities…or if I’ve been to a place before I like to find new neighborhoods or see something new or different.  My favorite way to explore old and new alike is through a walking tour.

As I usually am short on time and just in town for a weekend, walking tours are a great way to  discover the sites within a short amount of time.

Between street art or foodie tours, there are plenty of options to suit different tastes.  Even though the tour might be around something specific, I always enjoy the random history or insight about the city I’m visiting.


Outlined below are some of my favorite sites and tours I’ve participated in.  From the U.S to Europe and Africa…there’s always something!

Urban Adventure Tours

Urban Adventures is an Australian based company that connects with local tour guides.  Their motto is that it will be your “Best Day Ever” and lately they are the first website I look into when I’m planning a trip.


The first tour I booked with this company was in Paris and it was called “Hidden Gems of Paris”.  The tour was amazing and included cheese tasting and macarons.  As we casually strolled through Paris and various neighborhoods, I realized how much there was to see in Paris beyond the normal tourist attractions.

While in London I booked a street Art tour with Urban Adventures and it was so interesting.  I learned a lot about the street art culture and the artists responsible. As I’m in the corporate world it was so nice to learn about a world outside the cubicle.

During a weekend in Marrakech Morocco, I booked a tour of the Souks.  Without a tour guide I would have been  lost and confused.  During this tour I not only learned about the markets but also the ancient history of the walled city and insight into daily life.


I can’t wait to see what kind of tour I join next…


An American in London

Amber is an amazing tour guide who offers a wide variety of tours based in London.  I first discovered Amber on an afternoon tea and Buckingham Palace tour. She was so welcoming and charming when giving background on afternoon tea.


Some online research showed she offered a wide range of tours including Mary Poppins, Bridget Jones and Royal Palaces and the changing of the guard.  Amber knows London history better than anyone I’ve met.  Her tours are filled with humor and history.  She dresses up in costume fully ready to entertain.

The next time in London, I’ll be planning a tour for sure..


What’s your favorite way to see a city? Are there other walking tours I should know about? Please let me know in a comment below!

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  1. Walking is definitely my favorite way to see a city too. I like to walk at night, which isn’t always the safest, but with my head phones in and a light breeze at my back it’s the best way to get a real feel for a city. Never done a walking tour before though, I’ll have to check into that for my next trip!

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