Figuring out Luxembourg

My job has taken me to Luxembourg many times and in different seasons but I never seemed to figure out the city.  Maybe it was the long hours in the office and commuting straight to and from the hotel to office that caused me to miss out but during my last work trip I was determined to see more of the city.


Where is it?

Luxembourg is a land locked country in Europe that shares borders with France, Belgium and Germany.  It’s small in size and it’s proximity to so many other countries does make it an ideal location.

Ferris Wheel

Although primarily known for the tax breaks provided to institutions, it is a beautiful country offering beautiful architecture and good food.

Finding The Charm

For being such a small city, I find the dynamics of brand new construction that is always in full effect in contract to the beautiful city center.  The old town in the city center offers winding streets and alley ways offering numerous shops and restaurants to explore.  Shops shut down early and are closed on Sunday so make sure you plan around opening hours if you have the chance to visit.


The Luxembourg cuisine is varied and options are endless. From fast food chains to local establishments I knew I would never go hungry.  I tried out  local brasseries, Italian and Brazilian restaurants.  By the office there were several restaurants in a shopping center. and my favorite place was called 100 Patates… 100 potatoes? how could you go wrong really.  A delicious salad with chicken was served with a side of French fries….which is basically all dreams coming true if you’re eating a salad.


As my work project was running smoothly, I had time to visit the Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM). Each Wednesday the museum offers free entry and opening hours until 11 PM. The building was beautiful to explore as it’s surrounded by green space and the vaulted glass ceilings makes the space open and airy.


Although I would never consider myself an art critic, the different exhibitions were interesting and was a welcome change to sometimes boring office life.

The People

The people of Luxembourg are diverse, friendly and kind.  In the local schools they teach four languages from an early stage: French, German, English and Luxembourgish.  I love listening to the locals as conversation would begin in one language and transition to the next.  Although French appeared the primary language, most restaurants would have English menus and staff would speak English as well.


Although I might not be back in Luxembourg for work in the future, I could definitely see myself going back for a vacation and seeing more of the sites.  Have you been to Luxembourg? What do you recommend to see?

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