Two people fell in love…and we all showed up

I’m starting this post with an I’m sorry its been awhile.  Trying to find life beyond the cubicle hasn’t been the easiest over the past 9 months and I truly believe mergers and acquisitions are a form of cruel and unusual punishment.  Excuses for sure but I’m ready to share more travel adventures and tips.

I'm sorry

SO. Harry and Meghan got married and I showed up! Royal weddings bring such a great atmosphere and I couldn’t pass this one up.  The weather was perfect and the crowd jubilant…Let’s discuss the highlights of royal watching.


I decided to stay in London and venture out to Windsor the day of the wedding.  Around 1 hour train journey Windsor sits west of central London in beautiful English countryside.

Windsor is worth the visit! A small town with a brightly colored high street has more then enough to fill a day away from London.


Back to the wedding! Upon arrival in Windsor around 8:30 in the morning my Aunt and I staked our spots along the long walk. With a view of the stately castle in the distance I  was patiently and anxiously waiting for the procession.

Castle View


There were several large screens set up along the long walk which provided a great view to watch the ceremony.  (Blue hat guy is in a lot of my pictures.)

The crowd was cheerful and would clap enthusiastically for Police walking by.  They seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere as well and happily posed for pictures or would chat if there were questions about directions etc.


Although I was only 50 feet from the barricade, I was to short to see inside the carriage as the happy couple waved at the crowds.  What can you do? Hey I was there right?


Waiting for the crowds to clear out around the train station, we walked along the long walk and found out they were showing the Princess Diaries.  A classic movie for a classic day.

Train lines were long but the staff offered chocolate and water.  Finally getting  back into London around 6 or 7 pm I knew this was a day I wouldn’t soon forget.  In fact I’m still enjoying the royal wedding recap specials.

Wedding Chocolate


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