Hello! As I get articles published I’ll add the lastest here… Kansas City- More than BBQ! Kansas City, Missouri is more than BBQ! Christmas Markets: 9 Best Under the Radar Christmas Markets in Europe Chicago Loop: A Weekend in the Chicago Loop

Two people fell in love…and we all showed up

I’m starting this post with an I’m sorry its been awhile.  Trying to find life beyond the cubicle hasn’t been the easiest over the past 9 months and I truly believe mergers and acquisitions are a form of cruel and unusual punishment.  Excuses for sure but I’m ready to share more travel adventures and tips. … More Two people fell in love…and we all showed up

My favorite city

I love cities.  I love the noise and hustle bustle.  I love all the options for food and shopping. I love discovering new neighborhoods and wandering around aimlessly.  I admit today I feel like I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere…I’m tired of driving to get to anywhere and miss the convenience of public transportation … More My favorite city